Charity says 'No thanks' to $100,000 gift

Was it a gift from God or a test?

After these members of a Port Jefferson church collected on a lottery ticket worth $3 million, they offered an undisclosed sum to a struggling Patchogue charity that feeds 3,000 people a week.

But the Lighthouse Mission's pastor turned the money down citing the mission's stance against gambling.

Pastor James Ryan says "it's difficult for us on one day to say the lottery is going to destroy your life, going to destroy your family and then the next day, tell them that we received winnings from a NY state lottery jackpot and we accepted it."

Lottery player John Ross says "they're crazy!  Anybody in their right mind would take the money if they needed help."

As you might expect-lottery players at this Coram smoke shop couldn't understand it, especially since the mission will lose its building later this year and has no money to move to a new one

The Pastor's decision has cost more than even he anticipated.  Some benefactors, who thought it foolish, have withdrawn their support of the mission.

Pastor Ryan says "when God tells us to do something, we will always do what God tells us to--despite what the world might think."

And so the mission will struggle on hoping for a miracle of a different kind.