Librarian competes for "World's fastest texter" crown

The top guns in text messaging are mostly teenagers, but some California teens recently got the challenge of their young lives from a librarian in her late 20s.

She took them on in the finals of a national speed-texting competition.

"I wasn't nervous because I was the oldest competitor, I was nervous because I hadn't really practiced on the phone.  We had to use the LG ENV phone for the competition.  As you can see, I'm used to using an iPhone," said speed-texting librarian Joanna Axelrod.

She went all the way to the semifinals of LG Electronics' national, expenses-paid, texting competition in New York.

She missed out on the top three, but while the winner got $50,000, Joanna didn't come home empty-handed.

"We got $300 just for coming and competing, and I got a jacket which I can show you, which is at my desk.  I have a little logo wear.  And the poster.  And, the fame and fortune that's come from my 15 minutes of fame," she laughed.

Joanna says she's gunning for another shot at the national texting title next year,
And as a typist who can do 80 words a minute, she's looking around for competition in that field, too.