People Find Ways To Save On Fuel

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The story of fuel prices seems to be a never-ending thing for Janet Treat.

"I'm sitting back today not using my vehicle," said Treat.

The main reason why Treat chose to keep her son at home today instead of driving him to school 10 miles one way.

"I'm praying about it trying to figure out how I can change my schedule," said Treat.

It's a move Treat concedes might be overkill but she argues she's on a fixed income, a mother on disability and it cost $50.00 everytime she fills up the family van.

At the gas pumps more stories of cutting back although not as dramatic.

"My son wanted to go to Panama City on vacation but I told him we can't," said Debra Edmondson of Opelika.

Another cost-saving move from Lillie Knight.

"I've cut down on my errands and by just pooling my errands I've saved $100.00," said Knight.

"I string all my errands together," said Ruby Smith.

Back at the Treat home Janet hopes by keeping her son at home won't get him in trouble. Montgomery County school officials say generally speaking when a parent writes a note explaining what they did and why, the school would consider it an excused absence.

Janet Treat says her son could very well take the school bus which passes her home everyday but that's not an option.. at least for now.

"I live in a rural area. He would have to be picked up very early and he'll have to travel in areas where I'm concerned about his safety," said Treat.

Treat says this is only a 'one-day thing.' She plans to resume taking her son back to school tomorrow.

Right or wrong this is Treat's way of saving fuel, even if it's just for one day. Similar moves for those like Edmondson, Knight and Smith, their way of squeezing out a little savings here and there.