Editorial: Take Back This Neighborhood

There are 360 apartments at this Garden of Cloverland complex in Montgomery.

They were condemned by the city last year and slated to be demolished.

Tenants dealt with leaking water, piles of trash, broken windows, caved ceilings and ripped out copper piping.

City inspectors declared the apartments unlivable.

The owners were given time to fix up before the city condemned the complex, but only 10 units were fixed in five months.

The owners appealed the demolition and averted the wrecking ball two weeks ago when Montgomery County Circuit Judge Tracey McCooey ruled in their favor and gave them more time to rehab these apartments.

A court reprieve has given the owners a chance to once again step up and offer affordable housing in livable conditions and stop the neglect of the past several years.

A local, state licensed construction company won the bid and has already started on the rehab work. Workers tell me they hope to have the first group of 12 apartments ready to rent in 60 days in a copper free environment, using pex pipe, a copper substitute.

Let's get these apartments up to federal code.

It is past time to give the people in this region the housing options they deserve!