Alabama gets an "F"

MONTGOMERY, Ala. - Alabama has received another "F" in an annual study of states' campaign finance disclosure laws.

The new Grading State Disclosure report says Alabama's grade has been unchanged since the annual reports began in 2003.

Alabama ranks 49th among the states.

Chief of Staff to Secretary of State Beth Chapman, Emily Thompson, said that the Secretary of State's office cannot do what the law does not allow and what the legislature has not funded.

The report does note that the secretary of state's office has made improvements in the state Web site that shows candidates' campaign finance report, but there is still no online searchable database of contributions.

The annual report is done by the Campaign Disclosure Project, which is a collaboration of the California Voter Foundation, the Center for Governmental Studies and the UCLA School of Law.

"Secretary Chapman will continue to work with legislators on both sides of the aisle to improve the campaign finance disclosure score in future studies" stated Thompson.

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