Fat cat named Titanic


His name is Titanic and he has the girth to prove it!  A tubby tabby has captured the hearts of the staff at the Sacramento, California animal shelter.

He weighed 33 pounds when he arrived at the city animal shelter last month, given up by his owner.  The staff named him Titanic.

Donna Wicky of the Sacramento Animal Shelter says "at first he was a little shy, used to hide in my office for quite some time but he's gradually started to come out and how he's so familiar with staff."

Titanic has become the mascot, the office favorite.

Robin Thimlin of the Sacramento Animal Shelter says "he's just very playful. He'll jump on your desk and sleep on your feet. HE CAN JUMP? Yes, sure can. Jumps on my desk."

Donna Wicky says "he's been very , very beneficial to every one for our mental health breaks and everything. Just fabulous."
The staff is gradually reducing his food and they estimate he's lost about a pound so far. A crash diet would be dangerous.

Donna Wicky says "if he loses too fast he'll go into renal failure and that will be very detrimental to him.

Here's what a normal sized cat looks like next to Titanic.  The current world's record for a fat cat is in dispute. It could be anywhere from 35 to 43 pounds.  Veterinarian's say some cat's don't self regulate their diet. For bored, indoor kitty's eating can become their only activity.

Folks here at the shelter like Titanic so much they really don't want to give him up. However, it's all about animal adoption here so if they found the right family and right circumstance, they might reluctantly let him go.