Montgomery County Humane Society director locked up

By John Shryock - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The director of the Montgomery County Humane Society, Steven Tears, is behind bars.

Tears locked himself in a large cage reminiscent of a doghouse on the lawn at Eastchase Mall.

"It's more than worth it if we can save a few lives," said Tears.

The lockup is part of an effort  raise money for the shelter and to education the community on the vast numbers of animals that are put to sleep each year in the capital city.

As of Thursday morning 9,996 cats and dogs have been euthanized in 2008, a number that is well above the average in this area, according to the director, and it continues to grow.

Tears began his caged experience at noon at the front entrance of the shoppes and says he will stay there as long as needed.

He intends to raise $20,000 before his release.

If you would like to bail him out just stop by the mall location and give a donation.

Blueridge Mountain Waters will also be on hand to show you an exhibit that puts things into perspective.