Orange Glo - Does It Work? 8/20/02

They're at it again... The folks at Orange Glo have yet another product out to help you keep your home clean. This time it's for your floors. The question that we ask every Tuesday is... Does It Work? If you've tried all of the other floor cleaning products but haven't found one that lives up to it's claims... Let me introduce you to "Orange Glo Wood Floor Polish and Cleaner" it's claims is that you can clean, polish and protect your hardwood floors in one easy step. And that's just what it does. It's just as easy as the instructions say it is. Here's what you do. In an s shape pattern just squirt the Orange Glo solution onto your hardwood floor. Then using a sponge mop... just mop it up. Making sure that you go along with the wood grain in your floor. Once your finished mopping, that's it... just sit and wait. The bottle says that the floor should dry to a nice even shine within about 15 minutes. So we waited and the finished product looked great! So after that shining performance. The Orange Glo receives a glowing report. It passes my does it work test. If you like the idea of cleaning your floors to a nice shine in 15 minutes you can pick up a bottle of Orange Glo for about 10 bucks from bed bath and beyond. If you've seen something you want David to test out...just e-mail him at