Final Goodbye To Montgomery's 17th Murder Victim

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Standing room only for the final goodbye to Brenda Sherard, who died two days after one of the 4 suspects allegedly beat Sherard in her own driveway one week ago. Speaking of the people in custody, the couple's minister delivered the news of the arrests shortly after Sherard's funeral began at Leak-Memory.

"Johnny wanted me to tell you that while we honor and remember Brenda, those who are responsible for her death have been captured and are in custody," said Dr. David Grumbach.

The congregation erupted in applause. With that revelation Grumbach then moved on to the 'storms of life.' The worst possible storm Johnny Sherard and his family are going through this very moment. The Sherards were married for more than 20 years.

"Your loss is profound. Brother Johnny, it's going to take awhile. This is a storm you're going to have to face. God is in the boat with you. You're not alone," said Grumbach.

As with so many tragedies such as this one, Grumbach conceded he simply didn't have an answer as to why this happened.

"Everybody wants to know why," he said.

And neither did Mr. Sherard who talked with WSFA 12 News before the service began.

"I've gone over and over and over in mind and that's why I haven't been able to sleep. I keep looking for why," said Sherard.

Yet in the end Grumbach offered a glimmer of hope that this too shall pass.

"Storms including this one are temporary. You will not feel this way forever. God has a way of bringing healing to our lives," Grumbach.

Brenda Sherard was just 12 days away from turning 54.

If you're interested in helping the family defray funeral costs, you can make your donations to any Whitney National Bank. The couple did not have life insurance.