Father Of Capital Murder Suspects Talks

Tommy Lewis
Tommy Lewis

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Tommy Lewis says he is the father of 16-year old capital murder suspect Jhavarske Lewis and the step-father of the 15-year old capital murder suspect whose name hasn't been revealed because of his age.

Lewis says he cannot say where the step-son was on the night of the beating and eventual death of Brenda Sherard. The step-son didn't live with Mr. Lewis, but he says Jhavarske Lewis had nothing to do with Mrs. Sherard's death.

"I make sure my kids are in the house before I leave for work. Jhavarske was here at home at the time," Lewis said.

Jhavarske Lewis' older brother is claiming the same thing saying Jhavarske was at home the night it happened. Tommy May also believes his 15-year old step-brother is innocent as well but was adamant that Jhavarske had nothing to with the crime.

"He (Jhavarske) was with me playing games," said Tommy May.

"He lost his mother in April, you know," said Mr. Lewis.

Homicide investigators clearly feel otherwise. The key to this investigation, they say, is the 13-year old eyewitness. Investigators believe the teen mislead police but later identified the suspects. The eyewitness, according to police, claims all four suspects were at the teenager's house before Brenda Sherard's murder.

"The following suspects were arrested and based on their statements they were charged," said Lt. Keith Barnett of the Montgomery Police Department.

Either way the legal journey is just now beginning for the 4 teenagers. This is what Tommy Lewis had to say about Mrs. Sherard's murder.

"I'm sorry about what happened but life is life, things happen," Mr. Lewis said.

Brenda Sherard's husband, Johnny Sherard, declined to respond directly to Lewis' remarks saying I really don't 'have anything to say except 'let it go and let the courts handle everything,' said Johnny Sherard.

WSFA 12 News was unable to reach the families of the remaining suspects.