Montgomery Mayor vetoes tax hikes

Montgomery, Ala (WSFA) -- Montgomery Mayor Bobby Bright followed up on his threat today and vetoed several tax and fee increases passed by the council after it approved the mayor's budget.

The mayor signed the $227 million budget at city hall, but he also vetoed a $4.00 increase in garbage fees, a rental fee on things like tuxedos, cars, and furniture, and a 1.75% sales tax increase for businesses outside the city limits yet remain inside the police jurisdiction.

Bright, however, did approve the landfill rate increases that accounts for about $2 million used to balance the budget. He says the higher rates would discourage builders from overusing the landfill.

The city council wanted the increases to generate new revenue to replenish the city's reserves that are being used to balance the budget. Bright's vetoes can be overturned with a two-thirds vote of the city council.  City Councilwoman Martha Roby who voted against the increases is urging other council members to not over-ride the mayors' veto.