Bullock County voters protest fraud allegations

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Union Springs, Al. (WSFA) -- When the Bullock County Democratic Executive committee made the announcement that 383 absentee ballots there were deemed illegal, a contested county commission election was overturned.

Now, some voters are speaking out.  Though 50 or so residents testified at a committee hearing in August--saying they sold their votes for cash, others found out recently in the local paper that their ballots were also thrown out.

That alone has residents demanding answers.

"Our names appeared on the list, and we just couldn't believe it because we knew we weren't guilty of voter fraud," explained Ginger Montgomery, a Union Springs resident.

The chairman of the committee, however, tells WSFA 12 News members followed the rules and even narrowed the margin of illegal votes.

"It's like being a member of a jury.  You just listen to the evidence and you vote accordingly," said Curtis Jurnigan.

With allegations of voter fraud still running rampant throughout the community, county democratic leaders say now, their hands are tied.

"I appeal to the people to let the process take its course and we'll see what happens," Jurnigan said.

Meanwhile, residents say their reputations are at stake.

"If there were some illegal [votes], they should've thrown those out, but those that were not illegal, they should not have thrown us out," Montgomery explained.

Some of those names may be cleared.

Lawyers have appealed the case to the state's Democratic Executive Committee.  That group could ultimately reverse the reversal and give the race back to Alonzo Ellis, Jr.

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