So you're looking for an easy way to handle that painting project this weekend? Well look no further than a product that we found at Lowe's. The Paint Stick claims that painting with it is three times faster than painting with a regular roller brush, and it's easy. So Does It Work? David Hagood has the answer. After you find that perfect shade of color to put on your wall it's time to get started, but instead of pouring that paint into a pan, we're going to put it in the handle. First we have to get paint into the paint stick and to do that we use this paint can cover. All you do it slide it into the paint and snap it on. Next we slide the fill port onto the paint can, making sure that it's all the way down and then pull back. The Paint Stick is suctioning the paint right out of the can meaning that there is no need for the messy transfer from paint can to paint pan. Once the paint stick is full then remove it from the can and apply a little pressure to the handle, that forces the paint to the inside of the roller. The paint is starts to seep through and it doesn't take long for the roller to be completely soaked. After painting for awhile you'll need to reload the paint stick. It's just as easy the second time as it was the first. Once you start painting again you may notice something different at first. The paint sticks instructions say that if you get a dot pattern while your painting, just apply more pressure into the paint stick handle. By doing that it forces more paint in the roller and gives you much better texture. If cleaning is half as easy as painting it, it will definitely pass. Well... The cleaning process was another story. A very messy story. I washed... And washed... And washed some more and finally got the paint stick, we'll at least half way clean. But there's no claim on the box that says it cleans up fast, just that it paints fast. And that it did! It rolls right up to A in my grade book. Daivd says the clean up process is slow and messy but if you stick with it, it will eventually come out clean. Or you can do what others do... That is use it one time, then toss it in the trash. The paint stick cost around 20 dollars and can be found at Lowe's.