'Enough Is Enough' Founder Refuses To Give Up Hope In Face Of Recent Murder

Pastor Edward Nettles
Pastor Edward Nettles

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - When pastor Edward Nettles heard about Brenda Sherard's murder, he was in shock like so many people over the beating and eventual death of the 53-year old nurse.

"These were innocent people in their own yards and they were violated by 3 young juveniles who were walking the streets and made a very bad choice," said Nettles.

That is the essence of what troubles Nettles. Nettles' one-year old 'Enough is Enough' campaign tries to get would-be criminals off the streets and encourage them to make the right choices in life. The pastor works through rallies along with radio and television commercials.

In this case Montgomery homicide investigators charged not one but four teenagers with capital murder. The youngest, a 15-year old, can't be identified because of his age.

"I wished I had met them prior to this incident," said Nettles.

And yet Nettles finds it hard to believe at least one of the suspects didn't know something about 'Enough is Enough.' For instance, one of the 'Enough is Enough' signs is in a yard next door to the very home Jhavarske Lewis lived in, one of the four suspects charged in the case.

WSFA 12 News pointed out the sign to Lewis' dad but Tommy Lewis says he doesn't know if Jhavarske Lewis ever saw it, and if he did, if the message ever sunk in.

"I really can't say. I really don't know," Mr. Lewis said.

For the record Tommy Lewis says his son was not involved in the murder of Brenda Sherard. Mr. Lewis says Jhavarske was at home playing games on the night it happened.

"We know we can't save all of them," said Reverend Nettles.

This is not to say Edward Nettles feels he is fighting a losing battle. The next step for his campaign?

"This means we have to work a little harder in getting the message out. We have to connect with more churches and organizations," said Nettles.

A minister-turned-crime fighter who refuses to give up.