Fishing Glove Quite a Catch

When you think about fishing, you might not think it's an extreme sport, guess again.  Thanks to an avid fisherman from Montgomery, there's a new product out there that's good for the fisherman and the fish.

Lynn Robinson was tired of getting his hands cut up when he handled fish or took them off the hook, so he came up with an Xtreme idea.   The Xtreme fishing glove is made of wet suit material and has leather around the fingertips and thumb area.

Wildlife experts say it's great for the fishermen and also the fish.  They say with fishermen less nervous and worried about getting cut, that helps keeps the fish calm and they don't thrash around and hurt themselves when your getting them off the hook.

You can get Xtreme on the water too.   You won't find the Xtreme glove in stores yet but you can find it on-line.   Just go to