Banana chases gorilla

The sight of a gorilla being chased by a banana drew laughs at a Flower Mound, Texas homecoming football game, but the school district doesn't find it funny.

Video of the prank by seniors Curtis Patton and Sean Kight at Friday night's prank has been posted to YouTube.

The students were arrested on trespassing charges and spent the night in jail in connection with the prank.

"When students disrupt an educational environment or an educational program, we will press charges," said Karen Permetti, a spokeswoman for the Lewisville Independent School District.

The Flower Mound police officers who chased the teenagers on the field weren't seeking to press charges.

"Our recommendation was that the kids should go home with their parents, and that any kind of disciplinary sanctions should be handled by the school," Lt. Wes Griffin said.

The school district said the prank jeopardized the security and safety of students.

"You could very well easily be putting a student or students at risk when you allow behaviors such as that, because you never know what somebody's intentions are," Permetti said.

Lewisville ISD is seeking prosecution of the trespassing charges, and Patton and Kight may see time in alternative school.

"They're not harming school property, they're not harming other people -- I think there should be some leniency," parent Becky Barnes said.

Parents said it was outrageous that Patton and Kight were kept in jail for the night.

But Flower Mound police said teenagers only spent the night in jail because they couldn't find a judge to arraign them.