New food labels provide more info

Grocery shoppers will soon find more than a freshness label on their meat.

After Sept. 30, shoppers will be able to see what country their meat and produce come from.

"If it's a country that's unstable, or doesn't have good requirements, I wouldn't want to purchase their meat," said Dorothy Kohanowich.

The new label law applies to fresh and frozen fruit as well as beef, lamb, pork and chicken.

Pecans, macadamia nuts and ginseng will also be labeled with a country of origin.

But meat that has been cooked or processed, like corned beef and sausage, does not have to be labeled.

For grocery store owners, the new label law means more paperwork to keep track of.

"It doesn't test or verify the healthfulness of anything. It's just a tracking device," said Dirk Stump of Stump's Family Market in Point Loma, California.

Still, that's reassuring to many customers, who are concerned about the safety of products outside the United States, after recent nationwide food scares.

Grocery stores have six months to add the new labeling.