Montgomery Businesswoman Has Unique Perspective On Massive Bailout Plan

Shari Rossman
Shari Rossman

By Bryan Henry - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - It's Friday morning at Cool Beans and Shari Rossman is preparing for another day, slicing up ingredients for the lunch crowd at her downtown Montgomery restaurant.

"Back in the banking world somebody else would be making my lunch," said Rossman.

Those were the days for Shari Rossman. An investment banker in Chicago. 10 years of providing credit lines to commercial business, a long way from the high world of finance to the kitchen of a colorful cafe.

"I actually left to join a small family business," said Rossman.

Trained as an economist, even Rossman is trying to figure out the complexities of the massive bailout for financial institutions on Wall Street but she feels the Feds are doing the right thing at the right time.

"700 billion dollars. That's mind-boggling, but the bailout would provide capital for banks," Rossman said.

That's critically important to get the money flowing again, important for people like Rossman who want to grow their business.

"I worry about all of us. Small businesses who can't loans," Rossman said.

Finance will always be Shari Rossman's first love. In a way Rossman wishes she was back in the saddle, back in all that drama.

"It is my first love. I love talking about it and I love trying to solve problems," she said.

But for now Montgomery is Shari Rossman's home and the former investment banker is offering a home-cooked recipe for those worrying and fretting; sit tight.

"The calmer we stay the better the government will right the ship and get us through this," said Rossman.

In addition to Cool Beans, Rossman is also looking at building loft apartments with retail space in downtown Montgomery.