McCain, Obama square off in first debate

OXFORD, Miss. (AP) - Barack Obama and John McCain debated Friday night at the University of Mississippi.

Both candidates agreed that Congress must act soon to rescue the nation's financial system, but are waiting for a final agreement.

Obama said constructive work is being done, but he's waiting to see the language to see that the taxpayer isn't bailing out Wall Street with nothing coming back to help them out with their own financial crises.

McCain agreed with that in general terms and says he hopes to be able to vote for the rescue plan now taking shape.

On Iraq, McCain again attacked Obama for his opposition to the surge, and unwillingness to concede it's working.

Obama says the surge did reduce violence, but that the whole Iraq war, diverted the attention from where it belonged, on Osama bin Laden and the hunt for Al-Qaida in Afghanistan.

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