GA gas shortage could cause headaches for Alabama fans

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- For Alabama fans, Saturday brings the ultimate road trip--off to Athens, Georgia to watch the Crimson Tide battle the Bulldogs.

But motorists beware!

"Take a look at it, guys.  We're trying to leave! we're trying to leave," exclaimed one frustrated driver to a reporter near Atlanta.

Massive fuel shortages in and around the area could mean major headaches for fans.

"Some of the pumps stop at 35 dollars [in Georgia], and then you have to go to the next pump and fill up and wait another hour," explained Micheal Bone of Prattville.

AAA workers advise drivers to play it safe.

"The main thing is to keep an eye on your gas tank," said Tamara Green of AAA Georgia.

"Once you reach half, you'll want to go ahead and find somewhere to fill up."

With the shortage now over in Montgomery, however, fans say they'll take their chances.

"I'll just gas up before I leave," Bone said.

Others would rather watch from afar--where there's plenty of gas to go around.

"It's best for me to stay at home with my family and enjoy the game," said Rufus Ellis of Wetumpka.

Tex Pitfield, the chief executive of Saraguay Petroleum in Atlanta asked Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue to cancel the game due to the fuel shortage.

Perdue refused the request, calling the idea "ridiculous."