Alabama Ranks 3rd in National Homicide Study

By Cody Holyoke - bio | email

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- Imagine losing your child.

That's what happened to Michelle McIntyre when her daughter, Shyya Robinson, 19, became the city's 9th murder victim of 2008.

The main suspect in her murder took his own life when police tried to serve him a warrant.

"I miss her everyday, but I know that she's with God," McIntyre said.

It's a situation that happens all too often in Alabama, according to a new report from national group Violence Policy Center.

The state has the third highest rate in the country when it comes to men killing women in one-on-one crimes.

Police say most dangerous relationships show warning signs before murder strikes.

"Law enforcement normally has contact with a domestic violence case approximately 5 times before there's a homicide," explained Lieutenant Steve Searcy of the Montgomery Police Department.

Sometimes, however, there are times where violent crimes come out of nowhere.

"My daughter was a very quiet person.  We didn't expect anything like this," McIntyre said.

Still, authorities are trying to curb the crime.

"If we can reduce those numbers, then that's our mission," Searcy said.

Locally, those numbers are scarce.

Montgomery police say only 3 women were killed by men last year in the Capital City.

That's of little comfort, however, when your child is a statistic.

"It's a situation that [women] can get out of, and the only way they can get out is if they let someone in," McIntyre said.

NOTE: Police say the South is a hotbed for domestic violence crimes.  Alabama is one of six southern states to make the report's top ten list.