Three Local World War Two Veterans Share Special Bond

3 veterans, 3 brothers who survived World War Two.

"I was too young to die," said 94 year old Ira Huff, a Pearl Harbor survivor.

Huff along with his 88-year old brother Orbrie Huff and their younger brother 86-year old Willard Huff, the men will see their World War Two monument in Washington, D.C., for the first time this weekend. They'll join 85 other vets on Honor Flight that flies war veterans to see their memorial. While this will be the Huffs first trip, it's the second Honor Flight since May.

"I think it's going to be real exciting," said Orbrie Huff.

Orbrie Huff spent 3 years in Army as an infantryman.

Willard Huff spent 3 years on 3 different ships. A torpedo sank the first ship he was on.

"The torpedo struck right below me and it blew up the steam boiler and you couldn't see because of all the steam. It was scary," said Willard Huff.

Separated during the war, Ira, Orbrie and Willard will be in D.C. this weekend taking in their monument together.

"It will be good to be with my brothers," said Ira Huff.

In all 88 veterans along with 47 guardians will make the trip. The vets and guardians will meet at 4:30 AM Saturday at the Doster Center in Prattville before flying out of Montgomery. They will come back the same day around 7 PM at the Montgomery airport.