Small Business Owners Get Advice on How to Survive Economic Crisis

A seamstress, a landscaper, a salesman - all small business owners with big ideas. However, now the economic downturn is causing them big concerns "There has been a slow down in our business," said Brett Brashears.

Even in good times, the numbers aren't good for small businesses. Experts say 80% fail, but in Montgomery some entrepreneurs hope to keep their doors open with a little help. They are part of a course offered at the Montgomery Small Business Resource Center. It provides owners and those who are considering starting a business the ideas,tools and energy they need.  Theresa White says she gets information about, "the financing, how to do your marketing and strategy."

Small Business Development Vice President Douglas Jones says it's a scary time for business owners. His advice, "This isn't the time to invest or expand."

We mentioned that 80% failure rate for small businesses, but Jones says graduates of the Small Business Resource Center have a more than an 80% success rate.  If you are interested in learning more about the resource center, call 832-4790.