Mother of nine loses 30 pounds using WII device

Ashlee Leal lost 30lbs with her WII device
Ashlee Leal lost 30lbs with her WII device

Ashlee Leal knows what a challenge it can be to lose baby weight.

After all, she had to do it nine times.

"I've always been an over-achiever in the weight gain department, while pregnant," she playfully said.

Ashlee and her husband Rob have nine children. They range in age from 16 years old to six months old.

"Nine different pregnancies," Ashlee said, pointing out that none of her children are multiples. "I gained between 30 and 70 pounds with all of them."

But after having her youngest child, Ashlee had an even more difficult time shedding the pounds.

"I lost the initial weight, and then I just stalled," she said. "I was getting frustrated."

"With nine kids here, it's hard to leave home," said Rob.

"I don't have time to go to the gym," Ashlee added.

With that challenge in mind, Ashlee and Rob purchased a Wii Fit, a video game system that gets players to move through the motions of activities including skiing, yoga, aerobics and other exercise activities.

The first thing the couple had to do was face the system's computerized scale, which included mini-versions of them.

"To see my skinny little Wii character get fat," sad Ashlee, "and it said, 'You're obese,' I said, 'Oh my goodness!'"

Ashlee's starting weight was 215 pounds.

Her husband's was 275 pounds.

But after three months of exercising in their living room, Ashlee is now 30 pounds lighter and her husband has shed 40 pounds.

The couple combines portion-controlled, healthier meals with their exercise.

"I feel great," exclaimed Rob.

The Leals note that they haven't lost any time with their children. The older ones often play on the Wii themselves.

"They're all on there with me," said Ashlee. I'm not doing it alone."

The Leals plan to continue their high-tech exercise. Rob has 13.7 pounds to go before reaching his personal goal. Ashlee has to lose six more pounds to be considered outside of the "obese" category.

"It tells me, 'That's great' and 'Keep going,'" she said.

Facing the same challenge as so many other busy moms, Ashlee Leal found a method that works for her. She encourages other moms to do the same.

"That's definitely the best money I've ever put into weight loss," she said.