Editorial: Trash Costs

The old adage "you get what you pay for" doesn't quite hold true for Montgomery residents regarding trash pickup.

We get more than we pay for - much more.

In fact, in the fiscal year that just ended, we collectively paid just over nine million dollars in fees.

The city provided nearly double that in services, spending nearly 17 million dollars.

We get two pickups a week and additional ones for shrubs and recycling for $12 a month.

Outstanding service - some of the best in the country.

The city is squeezed like everyone else and can't continue to operate this service with that much of a loss.  Trash collection fees haven't been raised for more than seven years.

It's tough timing to do it now in this current climate but the proposal at issue seems reasonable - fee increases of just under a dollar a week.

The costs will still outweigh the revenue in the upcoming fiscal year, but the loss to the city will be closer to three million, a far cry from the current eight million.

City Council should override the Mayor's veto of this fee increase.

Or service needs to be cut to once a week, rather than twice.