Baptist Hospital Outsourcing Security Service

Workers at Baptist Hospital were given assurances, two days ago, the financially strapped company would try to avoid layoffs. But some workers now say they've already received pink slips. The company is going through a restructuring process to help ease a crunch on finances. Earlier this week Baptist CEO Victor Butler said the company had no intentions of a massive layoff. (Click here to listen to his earlier comments)

Now it appears, as part of the restructuring, Baptist will be outsourcing its security service which means some people may lose their jobs. Baptist Health's Rick Derrick says, "We have to find a more effective way to provide the same level of security for our campuses and do it with the cost restraints." Derrick says as part of the outsourcing, the company that provides security must hire as many Baptist Hospital security people as possible. There is also a hiring freeze at Baptist Health.

Because of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, the Alabama Hospital Association predicts 14 hospitals in Alabama will lose money, cut jobs, and eventually close their doors.