Deadly Crash Kills Seven in Corrections Van

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - The Department of Corrections has confirmed the names of the victims in the fatal crash early Friday morning. They are: Julius Bouier of Eufaula; Lionel Moore of Union Springs; John Foye, Senior of Tuskegee; Brandon Anglin of Clayton; Henry Simmons, Senior of Union Springs; Derrick Ivey of Union Springs and the van driver was Rodney Kelly of Abbeville.

State troopers say those people died when a tractor-trailer smashed into a van carrying propsective Department of Correction employees.

When the wrecker crew pulled the D.O.C. van from under the tractor trailer, it was burned almost beyond recognition. No wonder everyone inside perished. Exactly how the accident happened is still under investigation but the accident scene does offer some clues.

There were no skid marks on the street, and it looked like the tractor-trailer was travelling east in one lane and the van was travelling west in the other. The tractor-trailer crossed the median pushing the van to the side of the road and that's when they burst into flames.

State troopers say the seven were probably not killed on impact but instead burned to death. DOC spokesperson Brian Corbett says "I do know that our van was on the way to Draper Correctional Facility for on-site testing. We had an officer driving that van with job applicants on board."

Corbett also says the six applicants and the driver were on their way from Bullock County to Draper Prison for physical, medical and drug testing before being hired, but shortly before 6:00 o'clock Friday morning the van ended up along the side of the road - torched and mangled. "It's unspeakable. You don't ever imagine something like this is going to happen in a million years. You just can't think of it. Our thoughts and prayers certainly go out to all the family members involved in this. It's horrible," says Corbett.

The driver of the tractor-trailer was treated and released from a local hospital. He issued a statement which says  - he was deeply disturbed by the events that took place Friday morning and to the families he said he is sorry for their loss.

The fatal accident happened in Montgomery County on Highway 82 Friday morning about three miles before the Bullock County line.