Children's Hospital Hosts Homecoming Celebration

Montgomery, Al. (WSFA) -- It has all the trimmings of a weekend carnival: clowns, music, food, and face painting.

This, however, isn't your usual get together.

"We're waiting for his immune system to start working on its own," said Monique Laster of her son.

Sunday, dozens of kids gathered at Montgomery's Riverwalk Amphitheater for a homecoming celebration.

The participants, though, have some back from the brink of sickness and health problems.

At such a young age, they've become poster children for the importance of close medical care.

The common bond?

Each child has made the trip to a facility that's about a hundred miles up the interstate:  Children's Hospital in Birmingham.

It's the only hospital of its type in Alabama, according to staffers.

"It's just important for everybody around to know that Children's Hospital is there for our kids," explained Alice Blake, a spokesperson.

As part of a new campaign, Children's is giving back, throwing a get together for old patients and letting families know medical help is only a short drive away.

"This is just a celebration.  A celebration of their good health and a celebration that Children's Hospital has been around for a long time and we will continue to be there," Blake said.

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