Greenville HS Teacher a Class Act

This week's Class Act is Ms. Paige Barr from Greenville High School.   The reading specialist loves to see her kids grow.    "I love the joy they get when they see the progress they make,"  Barr said.

Originally Ms. Barr wanted no part of high school.  She taught for 13 years in the elementary school system and had no plans of leaving, until this job came along 3 years ago.   "I always heard horror stories about high school students and their terrible attitudes so I was hesitant.   But when I got here I was amazed at how great they are."

The principal nominated Ms. Barr for this award.   He says she always brings a positive attitude to class.     Ms. Barr thinks being a mom helps her be an even better teacher.    "I feel like being a parent makes me a better teacher because I try to put myself in their shoes, what would I want if this were my kid?"

She's a parent, a teacher, and a real Class Act!