Survey: Americans hitting the wall with depression

Does the financial crisis have you feeling stressed out?

Well, you're not alone.  A newly released survey by the American Psychological Association shows the declining economy is causing stress levels to skyrocket.

The annual report takes a look at the stress level of Americans and this year stress is on the rise.
As things get worse on Wall Street, it seems Americans are hitting the wall.

Stressed out and letting it show

Dr. Katherine Nordal, the Executive Director for Professional Practice, says "irritability depression sleepnessess problems concentrating."

A new survey by the American Psychological Association finds eight out of ten Americans say the economy is now a significant source of stress.

Almost half say their stress has increased in the past year and they are now increasingly worried about their ability to provide even their families basic needs.

Dr. Nordal says "what we're seeing is more and more people coming in because they are more stressed about financial situations, having homes foreclosed on."

According to the survey, women are being hit the hardest, feeling more stress than men about money, the economy, job stability, housing costs, and health problems.

Almost half of respondents reported overeating or eating unhealthy foods and one in four skipped a meal in the last month because of stress.

A recipe, professionals say, for even more problems if Americans don't listen to the warning signs and lessen their stress levels soon.

Experts recommend exercise, meditation and talking with friends and family to help lessen stress.  If those methods don't work they say it might help to talk to a professional.