Editorial: Red Light Cameras

In April of this year, amid some controversy, the City of Montgomery installed red light cameras at 7 intersections in town.   The results have been positive.

Between April and August there was a 32% drop in citations issued.  Some 500 fewer drivers ran those red lights.

Yet, there have been objections.  Some suggest that they are an invasion of privacy.   Others fear the cameras may be used for racial profiling.  But, the cameras only record the rear of the car, drivers are not identified.

Each camera typically costs between 75 and 100 thousand dollars.  But it doesn't cost the City or taxpayers one cent.  The costs are covered in total by red light violators.

All violations are reviewed by trained Montgomery police officers.  Thus far, only two people have appealed their citations in court. Both tickets were upheld by the judge.

Traffic laws are automatically enforced at red light cameras, allowing police officers to concentrate on other locations.

In the upcoming legislative session, Montgomery and other communities will seek passage of red light camera laws in Alabama.

We support passage of those laws and encourage the City of Montgomery to go forward with plans for more red light cameras.