Alabama National Fair Worker Arrested on Murder Charges

He went from operating a ride at the fair to getting a ride to jail. "He was totally caught off guard," said U.S. Marshal Supervisor Bob Wood.

Marshal's arrested Bernardino Baca Wednesday night at the fair. They say he shot and killed a man in New Mexico during a drug deal in May of last year - then took off. Officials with the Marshal's Service in New Mexico learned he was working for Wade Shows and would be at the Alabama National Fair. They called the Gulf Coast Task Force in Montgomery. "He was under an assumed name. We did have a photograph. We put all our people out at the fair," said Wood.

Officers arrested him while he was running a ride called the spider. Parents were alarmed to learn an accused murderer was working with children. "It's concerning," said one parent.

Fair Manager Randy Stephenson says there's no need to be concerned. He points to the many police officers stationed around the grounds. He says, "We have a number of uniformed officers and undercover officers out here."

Parents say while they're still worried, it won't keep them from coming back to the fair.

The Marshal's considered Baca a major case.  They say he has a violent past including five assault and several weapons charges.  At last check, Baca was in the Montgomery County Detention Center awaiting extradition to New Mexico.