Racial slurs spray painted on EMA director's car

Lowndes County EMA Director Walter Hill found racial slurs on his vehicle.
Lowndes County EMA Director Walter Hill found racial slurs on his vehicle.

MOSSES, AL (WSFA) - Lowndes County EMA Director Walter Hill still can't believe it.

"I'm just bewildered that someone with a heart like that would do something like this," said Hill from his home in Mosses.

As Hill rounded the corner of his Trailblazer Tuesday morning, he saw it right away. Racial slurs beginning with the 'N' word along with what appears to be a gang sign spray-painted on the driver's side.

"It doesn't make me nervous but I am concerned about my safety," said Hill.

Hill says there was what he describes as a 'situation' between him and a county employee earlier this month, but has no evidence that person had anything to do with what happened.

Lowndes County Sheriff Chip Williams declined any interviews saying everything has been turned over to ABI. We do know at this point investigators don't have a suspect. But when we contacted ABI investigators, they told WSFA 12 News they are not in charge of this investigation but rather 'assisting' in the case and referred all questions back to the sheriff. Again, Sheriff Williams declined to be interviewed.

As for Walter Hill, he concedes to being a little concerned but vows he will not allow this to drive him out of office.

"I won't quit. This will make me stronger," said Hill.

It is not unusual for ABI to assist in any investigation, but it's not clear why the Lowndes County Sheriff's Department needs help with this one.

The crime is a misdemeanor.