Editorial: Feedback

You had plenty to say responding to recent editorials.

Responding to our trash costs editorial, Jane Davis emailed: "I will gladly pay the additional fee if garbage service improves and cost-saving measures are employed."

John Garrett emailed: "We should cut service to once a week.  I  rarely have enough trash for two pickups a week.  That, along with a rate increase, would really put a dent in the deficit.  With the economy in the shape its in, we all need to do more and expect less."

Ann Mills agreed.  She wrote:  "Garbage pick-up should be cut back to once a week. I rarely have to put our garbage can out twice because I recycle."

Regarding our bailouts editorial, Faye Forbus emailed: "What has happened to the checks and balances set up by our forefathers for keeping the government honest and open?  Seems like they get overridden at every turn. We should adhere to them more and I think we would have a better run government."

And on our pain at the pump editorial, Rovester Slack emailed: "To fight greed you must kick it in the teeth.  If consumers work together and not buy as much as a bottle of water, for at least two months, from those gas stations that are obviously price gouging, then these businesses would understand that the consumer is boss.  It worked in the civil rights movement and it will work in this case."

We welcome all of your feedback.