Missing Elba Businessman Returns Home But Questions Linger

ELBA, AL (WSFA) - When Pete Cash vanished in late July, he left behind a web of so many unanswered questions. Nobody answered the door at Cash's home in Elba. No one, not even Cash himself who is said to be back in town was around to explain why he left his family and his own business.

"We got a call from police in Tucson, Arizona," said Elba Police Chief Freddie Hanchey.

Chief Hanchey says Arizona investigators found Cash at a motel Sunday morning after they located the used pick up truck Cash had purchased in Vicksburg, Mississippi. From Elba, Tucson is a 25-hour drive, more than 1,600 miles away.

"Once I received the call from Arizona, I called his wife and she confirmed he was back in town," said Chief Hanchey.

Hanchey describes his conversation with Mrs. Cash as 'short and to the point,' but she offered no details as to why her husband ran away.

WSFA 12 News also tried contacting the bankruptcy attorney representing Pete Cash's wife, the attorney Mrs. Cash apparently hired after her husband left town. The attorney eventually returned our call but 12 News was unable to reach him again.

There is another strange twist to this story. The Dothan Eagle is reporting that Cash, along with his wife Mary Cash and another relative, are listed as defendants in an alleged multi-million dollar check writing scheme.

Meantime, on August 1, two days after Cash drove away, brother-in-law Beau Benton said at the time the family didn't have a clue as to why this happened.

"It sort of lends itself to the fact he doesn't want to be found at this time," said Benton.

For now no charges will be filed because Chief Hanchey says no one has filed any criminal complaints. Lost but now found the 47-year old Pete Cash has yet to emerge to tell his story.