Montgomery Motor Speedway Supporters Push to Bring Back Track

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) -- Will racing return to the Montgomery Motor Speedway? A group is pushing to bring action back to the track.  Thursday night, the track's new owner went before the Board of Adjustment asking for a permit to resume operations.   Fans who want to bring racing back to the track could be easily spotted in their green shirts. "It's one of the best tracks in the southeast," said one fan.

Some residents who live near the track aren't as enthusiastic. They don't want the traffic and noise that come with each night of racing. Mike Callis lives nearby he told WSFA 12 News, "We've gotten used to having no racing and we like it."

Both sides presented their case to the board of adjustment.  The track's new owner Bobby Knox said he's made improvements to try to calm the homeowners' concerns. He even brought in folks who live near the track and support its return. One of those homeowners said Knox has, "come in and did away with the drag strip and made a nice entrance to the track."

For other neighbors, Knox's improvements aren't enough. Callis asked the board, "Who could we complain to if they didn't adhere to those specifications?"

After all the talk, it was time for the board to take action. The motion needed five votes to pass.   The vote - a dead heat - three to three with two members abstaining.

Knox can appeal to the circuit court. He says he plans to do that Friday.

This is the second time this issue has come before the board of adjustment. Back in July, Nascar Truck Series driver Rick Crawford, who wanted to buy the track, asked the board to approve a permit to resume operations. Later he withdrew his offer.