Wiregrass Newsroom: Record High Voter Registrations

New Brockton, AL (WSFA) -- It was an unusual day for the folks at the Coffee county voter registration office: only two people stopped by within the course of an hour and a half.  But that's not a typical day here.

Board of Registrars Chairman Gil Kelley says, "We do about 100 a day."

By mail, voter drives, or visits to the office, an average of 100 applications travel through the office.  This means some long hours for Gil and his crew.

"We work at night, on the weekends.  I've come up on Saturday and Sunday," Gil says.

September brought more than 900 applications through the doors, and now October's numbers already top 1700.  And that doesn't include the close to 800 absentees.

With more than 25,000 people registered to vote, half of Coffee county is headed to the polls.

But where to vote could be a problem.

A tornado severely damaged the Enterprise Civic Center - the voting site for 1500 voters.

But for those who would normally cast their ballot at the civic center, this new polling location is convenient.  In fact, it's right across the street.

The Disabled Veterans building will hopefully take the place of the civic center on November 4th. And the Probate Judge thinks the layout of the building will help on election day.

"The flow of traffic will be brought through one door, so it will have sort of a circular flow of traffic.  So in that respect, this might even be a little bit better," says Probate Judge, William Gammill.

The last day to register to vote is Cctober 24.  And Gil says his registration office will be slammed that day.

Reporter: Melissa McKinney