Live City Council Meetings Coming Soon

By Eileen Jones - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Get use to the name Capital City Connection because you'll probably be hearing it a lot more from now on.  Beginning Tuesday, you will be able to see it on Montgomery cable channels.

That means if you have ever dreaded going downtown to City Hall to see for yourself what's really going on during the city council meetings, you won't have to do that anymore. One of the Mayor's Executive Assistants, Jeff Downes, says the next city council meeting will be "live" in your own home or office on cable TV.

"That would be city council meetings, would be Planning Commission meetings, press conferences, Board of Adjustment meetings - any public meeting we have will be shown live on the Capital City Connection."

And, if you miss the live coverage, Troy University's George Singleton says, that's not a problem. "We will repeat it like every other day until we have a new city council meeting. There'll be plenty of time to catch up on something you might have missed."

Everything is in place and ready to go for not only the public meetings but Downes says the traffic too. "Morning and evening live footage from all of our cameras around town showing intersections, so that as you plan your day or plan your commute you can take a look at the cameras of the Capitol City Connection and you can see what you're about to enter as far as traffic is concerned."

And, because the educational-governmental channel will be airing programming 24-7, the Parks and Recreation Department's Carol Gunter says various city departments will also participate. "The zoo - we have a tour of the zoo. There's a lot at Montgomery Zoo behind the scenes. We have golf and tennis tips from our pros from the Parks and Recreation Department. The libraries provided storybook time and which will be very interesting for the kids.  We also have some entertainment. We have the city of Montgomery Parks and Recreation Department hosted a national softball tournament. We're just going to have some really great programming and we hope that it's something that everyone will enjoy."

The educational-governmental television is only offered to the residents of the city of Montgomery and it will cost those customers 25-cents a month for the service, and that's not optional.

The first live city council meeting will air next Tuesday at 5:00 PM on Knology channel 96 and Charter channel 95.