Four-fingered pianist wows audiences

A South Korean concert pianist is wowing audiences across the midwest.

The first thing you notice at Hee Ah Lee's concerts is the music.

Strikingly beautiful music.

It's then you glance down to see that the pianist has only four fingers, two on each hand.

Hee Ah was born with a condition called phocomelia, which also left her with no legs below her knees.

She stands just three feet tall, and must exert considerable effort even climb up on a piano bench.

"From when I was very young I never thought I was different from other people," she said before a performance Thursday at the Rotary Club of Edina, Minnesota.  "To this date, I thank God for giving me such a beautiful talent in me."

Hee Ah began playing piano at age six, for physical therapy, to give her strength to hold onto a pencil or spoon.

It's fair to say the instrument agreed with her.

She now performs for a living at concerts around the world.

This tour is Hee Ah's first visit to Minnesota.

"I want disabled people to feel that they can do as well," she says. "They shouldn't lament what they don't have, but celebrate what they have already."