Bizarre: Man attacks paramedic at accident scene

The man wasn't even involved in the accident...
The man wasn't even involved in the accident...

A bizarre scene in Oklahoma as paramedics who were sent out to a car wreck ended up under attack!

It started with some harsh words and a moment later the man lashed out with his fists.

EMSA Supervisor Jason Duncan said "I kind of glanced to take a step and I kind of had him in my vision still and I thought maybe I shouldn't take my eyes off him and I glanced over in time to see him take a swing at me."

EMSA Supervisor Jason Duncan quickly defended himself, and with the help of another EMSA worker and a police officer they took the man down.

But he didn't stop fighting.

Jason Duncan said "it didn't surprise me that he did it. It was acting very erratic and very aggressive."

The man did not appear to be connected to the wreck that closed this road and officers who've seen a lot say this fight was odd.

The man is now in police custody facing assault and battery charges on city workers and police officers.

Investigators are trying to determine if there were drugs or alcohol involved.