Kansas City grandmother sues McCain over hate speech at rallies

A Kansas City grandmother is suing Republican presidential candidate John McCain, his running mate Sarah Palin, and his campaign manager for promoting hate speech.

The Mary Kay Green claims some statements made about Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama at an out-of-state rally terrify her as much as John F. Kennedy's assassination.

"I know the Secret Service is on this case, but John McCain and Sarah Palin can stop some of this by a statement that they abhor these death threats and will not tolerate them," Green said.

So what does a 66-year-old civil attorney do?

"You have to treat these things seriously," Green said.

Her lawsuit claims McCain's campaign "intentionally, recklessly and irresponsibly portrayed presidential candidate Barack Obama as un-American, a terrorist by association, and "not like us," a non-white individual.

It also accuses Palin of working a crowd at a rally into a frenzy "causing them to make death threats against presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Barack Obama with her audiences shouting "kill him," "off with his head," "terrorist," "Muslim terrorist."

"It strikes terror in my heart," Green said.

It also brings back bad memories.

Green says her father James F. Green managed campaigns for Robert Kennedy and President John F. Kennedy in Nebraska in the 60's.

When assassins killed the Kennedys, it shattered her family.

Green says eight days after Robert Kennedy's death, her father dropped dead because of grief.

"The same bullet killed my father," Green said. "It was profoundly tragic for my family."

Green views Obama as a modern-day JFK and so she fears for Obama's safety.

"I think John McCain and Sarah Palin have no understanding of what we went through as a nation," Green said.

Neither the McCain nor the Obama campaign offered comment on the lawsuit, but privately, Green said the Obama campaign wants the lawsuit dropped.

"It will be dismissed as soon as I hear these public statements from these two candidates that they abhor these death threats and they will not tolerate these intruders in their audiences," Green said.

Green spent $350 on her lawsuit.

She believes it's worth every penny.