Mighty Titan - Titanium Edge Knives, Does It Work? 9/03/02

It's supposed to cut through most anything. From steel to plastic, even a penny and then be able to cut a loaf of bread. Does It Work? David Hagood visited one local restaurant to have some employees tell him, what they thought of the "Mighty Titan Stainless Steel Titanium Edge Knives". The mighty titans comes in an 11 piece set for only 20 bucks, so some would say that's not a bad price, if they work. Lenora, Casie, Kelly and Andy all work at Chappy's Deli on Perryhill Road, today they're turning in their aprons for microphones and playing reporter. Testing out these mighty titanium edge knives. After getting squished bread with the fillet knife. Kelly tried the utility knife on a penny... and it is cutting it. Even after cutting the penny the knife is still slicing through that tomato. Catering manager, Casie Moran has the coke can cutting duties. The knife is going right through that one too. The tomato as well. And finally Lenora, get's the honor of using the bread knife on not only a loaf of bread but also a plastic pipe. The mighty titian is doing well on that one to. The knives did an "ok" job and our staff of testers said they would use them in their homes. There's only one thing left to say about the mighty titan knives, It works! We have to thank Chappy's Deli for supplying us with a fun group of testers. You can find them at some local pharmacy's or go to www.asseenontv.com