Food Prices Still on the Rise

Food prices are hard to swallow for consumers. Lori Jordan's family of four eats up anywhere from $100 to $150 in groceries every week. As food prices grow, it puts a strain on her budget. She says, "Something's got to give.  We just can't keep doing it."

The latest monthly food survey by the Alabama Farmers Federation shows the average cost for groceries went up 50 cents from September. It's up nearly $4 from this time last year. ALFA Spokesperson Jeff Helms says energy costs account for 40% of the increase in grocery bills. With gas and oil prices falling, why are food prices not following suit? Helms told WSFA 12 News, "Some of it is higher electrical costs. We haven't seen those prices go down."

Helms adds, retailers often resist changing prices too often. "They know consumers don't like to see large variations on a day to day basis," he says.

So, it could be months before consumers see any relief at the checkout counter. One shopper says she's praying the price of groceries goes down soon, "I prayed gas prices would go below $3 and god answered that prayer."

Helms tells us while the overall bill is up, prices on eggs, poultry and some produce have dropped.  Higher prices for beef and pork offset those savings.