Jobs, plant expansion coming to Mobile

MOBILE, Ala. (AP) - A global steel producer has picked its steel mill in Mobile County's Axis community for a $460 million expansion, creating 180 new jobs.

SSAB, based in Sweden, announced Tuesday that it selected the mill at Axis, where it already has 400 employees and 350 on-site contractors.

It also had been considering its mill at Montpelier, Iowa, for the expansion.

The Press-Register reported that Alabama offered an estimated $34.9 million in sales and non-school property tax breaks, plus an undisclosed amount of cash and corporate tax deductions over 20 years, while Iowa offered $81 million in tax breaks and incentives.

The company will start construction in 2009 and complete the work in 2011.

The additions will allow SSAB to make stronger steel, remove impurities and roll thinner sheets.

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