1.6 Million Cribs Recalled

The government is urging parents to inspect a particular type of crib for safety problems.

Nearly 1.6 million of the cribs have been recalled -- a move triggered by the suffocation deaths of two 8-month-old infants.

Both of the suffocations involved infants who got stuck in a gap created with the movable side of the drop-side crib came off of its guide track.

They involved Delta Enterprises cribs. If the safety pegs that are supposed to prevent the drop-side of the crib from lowering too far are not installed, or if they fail to engage, the drop-side can detach and create a dangerous gap.

The acting head of the Consumer Product Safety Commission says parents should inspect the older drop-side cribs from time to time, and "tighten up the hardware."

The recall doesn't affect any cribs that are currently being sold.

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