Mother Of Attack Victim Angry At Macon County School Officials

Mother Wants Answers From Macon County School Officials
Mother Wants Answers From Macon County School Officials

Natasha Clark is one angry mother.

"She could have killed my daughter," said Ms. Clark.

Clark claims her 14-year old daughter Tyriahna Clark was slashed a couple of times with a razor blade on the left side of her jaw and around her neck by another 14-year old girl.

"They glued it together instead of stitches," said Clark.

The report filed with the Tuskegee Police Department says it happened on the school bus shortly after the bus left Booker T. Washington High School.

"The bus left the campus and went up the road a little bit and the fight started," said Clark.

And this is where Clark says her anger reaches a boiling point. She can't understand the school bus driver's actions. Clark claims the driver did not even try to break-up the fight while Tyriahna continued to get slashed with the blade. In a situation like this drivers are supposed to find a safe spot and pull over and call for help, according to state training officials. In this case the school bus driver reportedly turned around and went  back to the high school, but once back at the school, Clark says it got even more complicated; she says no one from the school called her about the alleged attack. Ms. Clark got the word from somebody else.

"Another child had called me and I had to tell her to call the police and ambulance," said Clark.

In an effort to get the school district's side of the story, the principal at Booker T. Washington directed all questions to the Macon County School Superintendent. The superintendent was out of town, according to the main office.

Meantime, Natasha Clark says her daughter is recovering but may go through life with permanent scars.

The mother of the young suspect disputes the assault charge. She says her daughter is an honor student at Booker T. Washington and has never been in trouble before.

WSFA 12 News has learned that both students have an expulsion hearing Wednesday morning.