Kids to Love Introduces: Quintisheyia and Derian

A home can be especially difficult to find if you're a group of siblings wanting to stay together, and that's the case for a couple of cute children who are looking for a forever home.

Quintisheyia and Derian are friendly, high-energy, loving siblings who are very protective of one another.

They love each other and want to be placed together.

Quintisheyia is 12-years-old and has been in foster care since she was about seven.

She is often seen as the leader among her peers.

She can be introspective and inquisitive when given a chance.

Derian just turned 7-years-old and he's shy around strangers at first.

He'll quickly warm up to folks once he's comfortable though!.

He can be a handful, but big sis is never far away, always looking out for him.

Quintisheyia knows exactly what kind of family she wants for her and her brother, " A family who will love...who make us feel safe in their home."

As with all kids, these children will benefit from a strong, nurturing family.

If you would like to adopt these two youngsters call Kids to Love at 1-877-KIDS2LOVE or log on to