Wiregrass Newsroom: Big Day for Volunteers

Dothan, AL (WSFA) -- Martha Bradford loves Volunteer Appreciation Day.

"I haven't missed any of them. And I really enjoy them," says Martha.

Why wouldn't she when games and prizes abound?  Volunteers took time out from helping others to "help" themselves to food, games and other fun, all in celebration of their dedication to the Southeast Alabama Medical Center.

"24 years, without a paycheck...but that doesn't mean a thing," says Martha.

Martha's helping out has helped her more than anything.

"It changed my life. It really helped me to get out and help other people," she says.

The Medical Center information desk and gift shop are primarily run by volunteers working at least four hours a week.  And with around 200 adult and teenage volunteers that work about 36,000 hours a per year, the hospital is still looking for more.

In fact, today was not only a fun day, but one for recruiting.  And when asked if she would volunteer, Jemima Bond says, "I think so.  This has encouraged me today to do that."

As volunteers come and go, Martha's not going anywhere.

"I'm gonna keep on going as long as I can.  Mm hmm.  I sure am."

Reporter: Melissa McKinney