Editorial: Voting

When the voter registration deadline passes Friday for the November 4th election, more Alabamians than ever before will have registered.

If you haven't yet registered, do it...and then vote.

Record turnout should follow record registration.

All races are important and impact you in some way, so take some extra time reviewing a sample ballot before voting and familiarizing yourself with your voting options.

Our website - WSFA.COM - can help.  The Decision 2008 section has sample ballots from all counties and plenty of resource material.

Reportedly some counties have more registered voters than voting age adults and we encourage the secretary of state's office to clear up that issue before election day.

Legislators should also give clearer guidance for future elections on what laws involve moral turpitude.  The Alabama Constitution says Alabamians convicted of a crime of moral turpitude can't vote unless they have their voting rights restored.   A law passed in the legislature says felons who committed crimes of moral turpitude can't vote, but other felons can and doesn't classify which crimes are in each category.  That needs to happen.

The more people who are eligible to vote the better.