Introducing the "Banana Diet"

A weight loss craze that started in Japan is now in the United States.

It's called the morning banana diet.
It's exactly that, eat bananas in the morning and lose weight.
If there was a magic diet or pill that she could do or take to lose weight Kathleen Scalley says she's probably already tried it.

But what about a "magic" fruit, like the banana.
"Im going to try it I haven't had a banana in years," said Scalley.

The latest fad diet to hit New York City streets is called the morning banana diet.

"I was told you eat a few bananas and you lose weight.  Do you believe it ?uhhh...I don't know" said Vera Baird.

The plan is that easy.

Eat fresh bananas for breakfast or brunch with water at room temperature.
Eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner.
No desserts or snacks.
Don't eat after 8 pm.

Be in bed before midnight.

And get this, you don't have to exercise to see the pounds come off.

Does it work?

"You can't say that bananas are the magic bullet.  But they are nutritious foods to add to your diet especially a weight loss diet," said Lisa Drayer, author of "The Beauty Diet."

Drayer says it may work at first because bananas are high in fiber and vitamins and low in calories.

A good substitute for sugary cereals or bagels and cream cheese for breakfast.
Ok so there is no magic diet.

Remember the grapefruit diet?

Well experts say there is no substitute for a low calorie diet and regular exercise.

"Stick to a set amount of calories I suggest 1400 calories and engage in exercise," said Drayer.